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EventDrive is a total solution for all your events, large or small. Conferences, gala dinners, sporting events, road shows, team building sessions, meetings, tradeshows, ticketing...

On an average, how many applications do you use to organise your events?

EventDrive saves you at least 60% in production time.

Your goals for any event are at centre stage. But can you also measure and report on them efficiently?

EventDrive puts technology to good use for the benefit of the event, thereby enhancing and improving the participant’s appreciation and experience.

EventDrive not only places the event manager on Cloud Nine, but your event as well – its connectivity with social networking platforms and other applications will place you right in the midst of your target audience.

Apart from providing an online platform, EventDrive also takes over all your logistics needs relating to IT and connectivity.
Registration desks, Green Media Servers, WiFi, Bluetooth casting, etc.



The event industry has also made long strides in sustainable policies.
EventDrive offers numerous valuable tools to reduce the environmental impact of your event.

EventDrive is a brand of The Webbit - Venusstraat 7 - 2830 Willebroek - Belgium - +32 (3)860.16.90